Now, as never before, the best era for wine tourism has come. More and more wineries open their doors everywhere, so that you come to them for a light. Many of them hold special events in the warm season and entire wine regions are promoting their wine routes.

Winemakers and cellar owners are among the most charming and entertaining representatives of mankind, they are often ready to offer their children for tasting. So why do not we take advantage of this? If you decide, here is a series of useful tips for you to go on a wine tour, including the rules of ecotourism etiquette. In the wine tours in Kelowna BC Canada you will have the following things to follow.

  1. Take an empty bottle box with you.

Ask for a box at your local wine boutique or buy a special foam packaging for wine bottles. Believe us, you will start buying bottles that will rattling in your car without packaging. You will still say thank you for this advice when you have a full box.

  1. Rent a car or decide which one of you is driving

Chances are great that you will taste more wine than you think – even small doses in the sum will make themselves felt. In addition, if you are not prone to drinking alcohol early in the morning, the effect will be rapid. In other wine regions, the cellars can be scattered in different corners, so you will have to use the transport willy-nilly. In wine regions, there is usually someone to agree on hiring a car, so that you do not have to worry about anything and just enjoy tasting at the wineries.

  1. Bring your children, just find a lesson for them during the trip

After all, the wine region is a great opportunity for children to frolic in nature. But here during the tasting they can get bored, so bring with you cookies, toys, coloring books, badminton, Rubik’s cube. Well, or most simply: take the iPad – and the discipline will be excellent.

  1. Leave early, especially on weekends

It’s so cool to talk with winemakers, especially in small cellars, where the host often takes you . The later you arrive, the more people will be and less attention to you.

  1. Pay attention to the small wineries

In large farms, with parking lots, souvenir T-shirts and a bunch of staff, of course, there is a guarantee of a comfortable visit. But to feel the passion for wine and winemaking, it is important to visit the small cellars, where you will surely get a great pleasure from communicating with people in an intimate, chamber, home atmosphere.

  1. Be polite

Well, it seems to be obvious, but the experience of visiting hundreds of tasting rooms, shows that visitors are often rude. In a small winery, it is especially likely that you will be in someone’s house, communicate with the owner of the winery and tasting the wine for free or for a small fee. Be polite and show your respect, which the owners deserve.