Dont Let Credit Ruin Your Family Life

Most of us experience certain difficulties with credit cards at some point in our life. Everyone has had to face financially troublesome days at some point of time. Some of us do not have enough savings with us to face emergency situations or to make investments or to do purchases, when that happens we charge up credit cards to get us by. Later we realize that we are in debt and have to pay huge interest penalties to clear up the credit card debt. Below are some useful tips on how to reduce or close the credit card debts and avoid getting into more debt in the future.

Best Ways to Remove Credit Card Debts

  • Credit Card Debt Reduction Plan
    Credit card debt is the worst financial condition for any person. If you have not spent within your limits or if you had to face an emergency situation, then credit card comes in handy. But later you get into debts.  It is always good to have a credit card debt reduction plan so that it helps you always without getting into serious debts.
  • Decide on which credit card debt to close first
    If you own multiple credit cards and have debts on all of them, then sit back and analyze which card to close first. You can either clear up the debt with minimum balance first or pay down the card with highest interest rates first. It is all your decision depending on your priority. Create a debt pay off schedule on a paper and follow it strictly.
  • Think well before closing a credit card account
    Sometimes credit card comes in handy and has a lot of positive rewards and cash backs. So always think twice before you wish to cut your card and close your credit card account permanently.
  • Get Some help
    If all your paths are closed and you are left helpless, then seek help. The National Foundation of Credit Counselling can offer you valuable help and solutions to your problems.
  • Eliminate Unwanted Expenses
    Always determine the amount of spending on your family for a month be it food, shelter, health, etc. Stick to them and eliminate all other unwanted expenses like trips, shopping and luxury until you completely come out of your credit card debts. Track your spending all the time.
  • Use Free products and services
    You can go a step further by using free products and services until you are completely out of your debts after which you can choose and enjoy your favourite products and services.
  • Sell Off Unwanted Things to Make money
    There might be unwanted stuff lying around your house that you might no longer need. To clear up your credit card debt payment a little quicker, you can sell off that unwanted stuff from your home by making some more extra money and declutter the stuff and debts from your life.
  • Look ways to Increase your income
    Consider a second job to make some extra money. If you get some bonus money at your work, use it to close off your debts completely.
  • Ask for low interest rates
    Explain your struggling financial situation to the credit card providers and ask for lesser interest rates on your existing cards or a temporary plan that will ease your debt elimination task.
  • Use Balance transfer cards
    You can use 0% interest balance transfer cards where you get time for a fixed amount of time with 0% interest for your existing credit card debts and help you save money on the interest. But try to close within the tenure else the interest rates are very high post the tenure.

Conclusion: We all use credit cards, but to use it wisely is very important and even if we overspend, there are some quick tips to come out of those debts rather than sinking into them further.

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